Party Safe! 2018 Guide to @MemphisInMay #BBQFEST #WCBCC18 #901Law #MIMGARR

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It’s BBQ time in Tennessee: Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest is May 16-19, 2018 and you can already smell the smoke in the air – or is that the Beale Street Music Fest?! My team Uncle Murle’s BBQ R-035  is hard at work getting the rig cleaned & loaded, flooring installed, and shelter built down at Tom Lee Park so we can start cooking some award winning food. BBQ Fest is a lot of hard work for teams, but the payoff is a week of great food, fun and meeting new friends.

If you’re new to Memphis, BBQ fest or just visiting for the week: Visit the new Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid or enjoy a meal at a Downtown BBQ joint like Central BBQ or The Rendezvous so you don’t arrive at the festival too hungry. Get to the park early each day, walk around, say hello and meet the teams.  Many teams are sponsored by local businesses that want you as a customer.

Here’s my guide to enjoying BBQ fest:

  1. Check out the Entertainment schedule: Big Hog Run and Sauce Wrestling on Wednesday night, Miss Piggy Idol contest on Thursday night, and bands each night too on the Main Stage – 2017 Sauce Wrestling Winner is my fitness coach!
  2. Free Admission at Lunchtime: 11 am to 1 pm on Thursday and Friday, this is a good time to walk around and meet people. Local Tip: Avoid Friday and Saturday daytime judging hours: 11 am to 4 pm since most teams will need to keep tent clean for on-site judging. General Admission Tickets are available for single-entry or 4 day pass plus processing fee online or buy single-entry pass at the north-end Beale Street and South Bluff south-end entrances ONLY. Local Tip: Buy tickets in advance and download to your phone so you can use the middle Bluff gate located at Butler and Tennessee street in the South Main Arts District where there is lots of safe parking and local food.
  3. For Health Code restrictions, teams are not allowed to sell food from their team tents. Local Tip: Eat at a Downtown BBQ joint or find a local Food Truck; On Thursdays, 4+ trucks congregate in Court Square from about 11 am-2 pm or find them on Twitter so you don’t arrive hungry.
  4. Check out these special events to get access to championship barbecue. You must purchase these admissions in addition to your admission pass.
    1. Judge and sample barbecue and listen to teams explain their craft with the Kingsford Tour of Champions
    2. Big Green Egg and Friends will be serving up barbecue and sides in BBQ Alley
    3. Learn to grill like the champions, Sign up on site for the Camping World Cooker Caravan
  5. Check out the Downtown Parking Map: there is no event parking. Get a MATA Trolley pass, use my promo code uber901law for free ride up to $20 or get a taxi: SAFER than a DUI.

    UBER may have a PICK-UP / DROP-OFF ZONE

  6. Park closes at 11 pm on Wednesday, Midnight on Thursday and Friday, and 10pm on Saturday: Anyone without a 24-Hour wristband will be removed from park, this includes team members and guests.
  7. Bring a VALID photo ID and cash in singles and small bills. Local Tip: You can’t buy food from teams, but you can tip the teams for hospitality or make donations.
  8. Dress for the weather, dirt, walking and the cooking heat – you will be walking a mile from one end of the park to the other – 10,000 steps! Water, bug spray, and sunscreen required. Hydrate or YOU WILL GET SICK. Wind and rain will dampen your fun, so pack a lightweight jacket.
  9. Mind the the rules: check out the BBQ FAQ and KEEP IT FAMILY FRIENDLY.
  10. MPD will be trolling, and mornings at 201 Poplar (Shelby County Jail and Criminal Courthouse) will be full of people who had too much fun at BBQ Fest. Be safe and have fun, but don’t get too crazy. Don’t be the like the swimmers but… you have rights. Know them. [INFOGRAPHIC] 

Text me, tweet me, if you gotta reach me
@MissAttyMaam 9012136529 #901Law


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