Bringing Memphis to Vegas #2014 Sigma Kappa Convention #SKShine to meet Miss America Nina Davuluri

Ordered my T-Shirt from American Greek Company Sigma Kappa Boutique

Downloaded the App

Bags packed and Diva Las Vegas costume ready!

Booked my flight Spirit Airlines DFW-LAS

Ready to check into Green Valley Ranch and 2014 Sigma Kappa National Convention, personally I’m most excited to meet fellow sister, Miss America Nina Davuluri!


My goals as delegate:

  1. Increasing GMS-SK Alumnae Chapter Membership
  2. Reestablishing the University of Memphis – Beta Xi Collegiate Chapter
  3. Supporting Sigma Kappa Foundation

What should I do while I’m in Las Vegas?? – send me your suggestions, it’s my first time! I’ll be free all day Sunday until 6:30pm, and will have some free time Wednesday from 10pm until… 🙂

You can follow my adventure #SKShine on Twitter and Instagram @MissAttyMaam and my blog and #healthpact 30-Day Instagram Challenge by PACTapp and Giveit100

Bringing   to  #2014  Convention  to meet   

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