Keep Tennessee’s Supreme Court Fair #vote

I just spent about an hour trying to find a basis to “vote no” in the upcoming retention hearing, and didn’t find any website or articles that clearly state any information.  The justices are generalized as “democrat, liberal, activist, soft on crime and bad for business,” but specific cases aren’t cited.

Show your support on to Keep Tennessee’s Supreme Court Fair

Ramsey backs effort to oust 3 Supreme Court justices

Some Expect Costly, Divisive Justice Campaign – Memphis Daily News.

Tennessee Should Keep a Nonpartisan Supreme Court | Editorial | Memphis News and Events | Memphis Flyer.

Lawyers fight effort to oust justices » The Commercial Appeal.

Lt. Governor Ramsey offers new plan on Supreme Court elections » The Commercial Appeal from 2009

This Ron Ramsey vs. the State Supreme Court Mess Just Got More Interesting | Pith in the Wind | Nashville Scene.

Q&A: Ron Ramsey On His Controversial Push Against Supreme Court | Pith in the Wind | Nashville Scene.

“An Attack on our Judiciary”
William “Mickey” Barker
Former Chief Justice
Tennessee Supreme Court

Tennessee’s Supreme Court has one overriding duty: to uphold our state’s Constitution. Justices Connie Clark, Sharon Lee and Chief Justice Gary Wade have firmly and consistently upheld our constitution in a fair and impartial manner without political interference — but now a few politicians and special interests are trying to change our system by seizing control of the court and undermine their ability to uphold the rule of law. The Justices’ need your support now.As a Republican, I can tell you it doesn’t matter what party you belong to — we all must fight to keep politics out of our courts completely. This attempt to reshape our judicial system is an attack against our entire democracy.

Now it’s up to Tennesseans like you to keep politics out of our courts. Politically motivated special interests are already funding the campaign to seize the court – we need your help to retain our justices and defend the courts impartiality. Click here to pledge your support, now.

Our Supreme Court justices have demonstrated their ability to stand up for the constitution and people of Tennessee – and entrenched politicians don’t like it.

Stand up for fair justices and a fair court. Pledge your support.

Thank you,

William “Mickey” Barker
Former Chief Justice
Tennessee Supreme Court

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