Alterations, Ribbons, and Seersucker Thursday

After one year of serious yoga, running and spinning: I have accepted that this what my body looks like.

Time to pull out clothes for trash & donation, and set aside clothes for alterations.  The sewing machine is set up and tools/supplies are organized.  I have been sewing for myself and crafts since childhood.  Last summer I even made a few swimsuits; I’m adding suits to the sewing projects this summer.  Since it’s after Easter and I live in the South, my first project is my seersucker suit.

Seersucker Thursday – it’s a thing, and we’re bringing it to 201 Poplar and Memphis!

From The New Members’ Guide to Traditions of the United States Senate, by Richard A. Baker (S. Pub. 109-25). “In the years before air conditioning made summertime Washington bearable, senators from the South had much to teach their colleagues from other regions about proper attire.

My seersucker suit isn’t particularly expensive, Merona Women’s Seersucker at Target [pieces vary each year] but since only the pants need alteration, no need to buy another suit.  Though, I might buy a dress before the end of summer…

I learned the basics from my mother and grandmother, but I bought this book a few years ago The Sewing Book by DK Publishing My machine is Singer for JC Penny Model 7057 from the 90’s

I used White 3 inch 100% Polyester Solid Grosgrain Ribbon from Ribbons And Bows Oh My! – since this was my first attempt I wanted to have enough ribbon to work with.  In the end, I did add about two inches to each leg for a loose fit.


  • pants
  • ribbon – choose your width and color
  • seam ripper or thread scissors
  • fabric scissors
  • lighter for sealing edges
  • basting thread and needle
  • sewing machine and matching thread

First, rip the outside seams of each leg and carefully cut through the waist band.  Pay attention at the cuffs too.  If the pants have been hemmed you will need to knot off the threads so they don’t come undone.

Then cut the ribbon to length.  Be sure to heat seal the edges, and leave enough to fold-over at waist and cuffs.

Baste the ribbon to the original seams.

Machine finish.

The result will be similar to a tuxedo pant, so it won’t look good for all styles.  I’m going to try various ribbons and pants, will post my results.

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