Help me support @FogelmanYMCA 2014 Annual Campaign #GIVE


Hello Friends, Family, Clients, Coworkers, Neighbors, Fans ūüôā

I joined the Fogelman YMCA in April 2010, and promptly forgot I was paying my membership dues until a fateful day in October. After I collected the pieces of my career, life, and sanity, I started working out regularly before 7am in the morning [what @StephMem and I called Obscenely Early Workout #OEW]  In 2013, I created Social Fitness, ran the MRTC Road Race Series including the half marathon, celebrated Spin-Anniversary with WhitneyRunsOn, my parents joined their local branch, and I was selected as Fogelman YMCA Volunteer of the Year [my personal story and embarrassing video interview part one and part two]

I have served on the Fogelman YMCA Board of Management since 2012.  As part of my duties, I volunteer my time to organize activities for members through the Social Fitness club and pledge to raise money for the Annual Campaign.  The YMCA believes that all kids have potential and should have the opportunity to be nurtured in all their possibility.  Donations to Fogelman YMCA provide fee assistance for the Make A Splash Summer Swim Lessons, After-School Care, and Summer Day Camp.
My goal for 2015 is to personally raise $1000 in pledges.  I make my personal donation of $100 by automatic draft of  $10 for 10 months along with my monthly membership dues.
Donations can be from $5 to $500+, paid one time, quarterly or monthly. I’ve scanned the Pledge Card to complete and drop off at my office or Fogelman YMCA. ¬†You can also donate online,¬†please specify the Fogelman¬†YMCA and my name. ¬†Pledge donations can be paid any time in 2014. ¬†The¬†YMCA¬†is a registered non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible.
Other ways to donate: Come to Social Fitness event, April 19 YMCA Night with the Memphis Redbirds
Thanks, Ruchee


YMCA of Memphis and the Mid-South 2014 Annual Campaign
  • Provides one session of swim lessons
  • Supports a child‚Äôs participation in one week of after school care
  • Sends a child to one week of Summer Day Camp
  • Supports a session of exercise and pool activity for a special needs child
  • Allows a child to participate in after school care for one month
  • Funds a water safety program for 10 students
  • Helps ten children participate on a youth sports team
  • Helps a senior enjoy a year of exercise or rehabilitation
  • Enables a child to enroll in day camp for the entire summer
  • Provides three months of youth development & leadership programs
  • Provides a year of recreational activities for a family

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