What’s your Alma Mater’s ROI? Did you spend more on your education than you can ever recover?

College rankings by income: Should we rank schools based on graduates’ earnings?.

“Academics might not like it, but schools should be held accountable.”

My schools:

Mississippi and Ole Miss

Tennessee and UT-Knoxville


See also:

What College Will Leave You Poorest?

“Every year, the salary comparison website Payscale.com gathers up its massive trove of user generated data and ranks America’s colleges and universities based on which schools make their students richest. Or, to be a little more technical about it, the site calculates each institution’s total return on investment, once you take the cost of attendance into account.”

2014 PAYSCALE College ROI Report

“How do you measure the value of a college education? PayScale has the salary data to rank hundreds of U.S. colleges and universities based on total cost and alumni earnings. Find the best returns on investment by school type, location, major and more.”

The Absurdity of Ranking Colleges by Graduate Salaries

College Leaders Wary of Obama Plan Linking College Aid to Rank

“Colleges may be discouraged from accepting and giving aid to students from low-income families because of the risk that they might hurt the school’s rankings, which would include graduation rates, debt levels and future earnings, the officials said.”

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