Divorce & Money: Equitable isn’t equal to 50/50

How to Find Your Financial Footing After a Divorce.

This post originally appeared on One Cent At a Time.

Divorce can be particularly difficult for single income families, where one of the spouses gave up their career and income, and now find themselves struggling to get by, often with added financial obligations, such as the cost of raising children, maintaining a home, and sometimes alimony. How exactly can you pick yourself up and get back on your financial feet after a divorce?

After the Divorce: Getting Back on Your Financial Feet.

Minimize the Financial Pain of a Divorce.

It’s not a pretty thought, but marriages break up, littering an already tough time with financial negotiations and hardships. The Wall Street Journal recommends holding off on selling assets in a down market, among other best practices for divorce.

Keeping Finances Afloat During a Divorce – WSJ.com.

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