MissAttyMaam Opines, Reads, and Explains it all 02/07/2014

MORE of what I’ve found online and what I think about it.


Worst part of Valentine’s Day…

1,726th person at Ole Miss, 66th school! Joined in September 2004 What’s your number?

Found the Gravy App through a Mashable post about Valentine’s Apps, I won’t judge them [too much] for the Apple skew since this app looks pretty useful. Description and http://findgravy.com/:

Everyone is using Gravy to make plans for tonight, this weekend, or an upcoming trip. This popular app shows you the most relevant event ideas based upon your mood. Open up the app to find something unique and special to do that you didn’t even know aboutDiscover amazing local events — live music, date night ideas, performances, sporting events, 10K runs, happy hours, kids activities, meetups, places to hang out, just about everything. Jump in and ramp up your fun now.

– Coverage of events and activities throughout the US
– Channels that give you one tap access to the fun ideas you are looking for
– Maps and drive times which factor in current traffic conditions
– Find out what your friends are posting with Social Vibe
– Buy tickets, invite your friends, share ideas, and be a tastemaker
– Save events to your calendar so you don’t forget
– Fun and easy to use

Gravy is the largest source of local events and fun things to do.

What Drives Success? – NYTimes.com

QUOTE: “The United States itself was born a Triple Package nation, with an outsize belief in its own exceptionality, a goading desire to prove itself to aristocratic Europe (Thomas Jefferson sent a giant moose carcass to Paris to prove that America’s animals were bigger than Europe’s) and a Puritan inheritance of impulse control.”

An agnostic looking for love in the Bible Belt – Salon.com

MORE: Why would you date or build a close friendship with someone with whom you don’t agree with on morals and values… Of course religion matters if you’re religious.

CVS Will Stop Selling Tobacco Products by October

MORE: I have been buying pharmacy and makeup from Walgreen’s online because of free 2-day delivery over $25 (and Target and Kroger for brick and mortar point of sales, Target has lousy online selection and Kroger has great coupons, Walgreen’s had both beat) but based on this major positive move and privacy issues, I am going to explore a complete switch to CVS. I’m a vehement anti-smoker and have long advocated my support for retailers and restaurants that would support my ideal smoke-free world.

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