The Daily Parrot #PPFL @YMCAMemphis #socialfit

Let the games begin!

After months of planning, meetings, and begging, the YMCA of Memphis & Mid South Corporate Games are here. The Fogelman YMCA Social Fitness “Purple Parrots” are ready. Parrots Fly Together! Purple Parrots for Life #PPFL

Details and scores available at and check out our

FIRST, our team spirit animal:

OUR SHIRTS: Customized by Tara of AdVisibiliti Promotions.


MONDAY: After winning all our games, we have advanced to the playoffs for the final 8 teams. Playoffs will be on Wednesday at 6:30pm Game Day Fields 7800 Fischer Steele Road.


WEDNESDAY: Second place Division B Kickball. 18pts A solid win and a (first) loss put us at 5-1 going into the final matchup. In our second run in with the Dixon Hughes team, we couldn’t overcome their consistent use of bunting and questionable interference of the base paths…


THURSDAY: Fourth place Division B Cornhole. 14pts

FRIDAY: Indoor Triathlon and Basketball

FIRST PLACE Recreational Basketball Division B. 20pts Our current point total is already 52 and we’ve still got another two days of competition.

SATURDAY: 6th Place Dodgeball 10pts

FIRST PLACE Volleyball Division B 20pts

SUNDAY: Field Games

Water balloon toss: 38 ft

Tug of War:

Sack Race: 1:06

Three legged: 14:25


Horse shoes


SIGNING OFF. The Parrot Has Landed. #PPFL

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