Run @MissAttyMaam Run! #me

2013 Running Goals: finish a 5k under 30 and finish a 10k

April – Race Judicata 5k  37:05.63

May – Oak Hall Run 5k 37:26

Junior League 5k 36:05

Guru Neha Wedding 5k

June – Harbor Town 5k 35:50

July – ROAD RACE SERIES 2nd 5k 35:45

August – RRS 1st 5miler 1:04:45

RRS 2nd 5miler 1:01:35

September – RRS 1st 10k 1:21:25

Cooper Young 4miler 48:53.36

RRS 2nd 10k 1:19:16

October –
RRS 1st 10 Miler 2:20:31

November –
RRS 1st Half Marathon 2:57:06

3 thoughts on “Run @MissAttyMaam Run! #me

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