@twfeed Success!! How to share WordPress Blog to Twitter and Facebook Page / Fan Page and NOT Facebook Profile

twitterfeed.com : feed your blog to twitter.


I have a free WordPress blog that I have not yet bought a domain for, so I’m pretty limited as to what I can do with it. But, I like WordPress, and I wanted to post to my WordPress blog using WordPress Dashboard, the press this bookmarklet, WordPress for Android app, or post by email. I wanted those blog posts to then be shared via Twitter and on my Facebook Page and NOT my Facebook Profile. Further, I wanted all links to direct back to my WordPress blog and not back to the posting service.

WordPress Publicize only will post to Twitter and Facebook Profile so that wasn’t an option.

Twitter will share all your tweets to Facebook Profile or Page, but I only wanted my WordPress blog posts to go to my Facebook Page, not all my twitter tweets and chatter, so that was out.

Selective Tweets was an option, but I really don’t like the #fb tag in all my blog posts titles, it doesn’t work if you try to use WordPress tags or categories, only the title line.

Selective Tweets is actually what led me to TwitterFeed because there’s a tiny note on the settings page that suggests you allow the #fb tag to be anywhere in the tweet, not just the end if you are using TwitterFeed…

Two years ago when I started all this social media linking nonsense I fell in love with Posterous, but I set everything up and then never looked at it again.  I totally forgot how it worked and it totally changed up on me.  BUT, regardless, Posterous allowed me to post via all my chosen methods, and just to Facebook Page and Twitter, but, it linked back to my Posterous site and not my WordPress blog. Since I was fully invested in WordPress by then, I wasn’t happy with this.

I am trying to remember how I used tiny.url before and had tiny.url/maam for my WordPress blog…

So TwitterFeed!!

TwitterFeed allows me to post to my WordPress Blog, and TwitterFeed then posts to my Twitter and Facebook Page, and NOT my Facebook Profile, simple as that.  You have your choice of url shortener, and it links back to my WordPress blog. TwitterFeed using your choice of OAuth. I finished in about 15 minutes what I’d been working on for hours…

Well now my blog is back up and running, I have the WordPress app on my Android phone and I have the Press This BookMarklet installed, just need to remember how to post via Gmail, Birthday is in 23 days, so I have a little more time to work out the rest of the kinks!



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