“Apple is an evil company that tells you what’s best for you”

Droid v. iPhone – Magazine – ABA Journal


“Apple is so controlling that it won’t let you change the battery on your own phone”

McKeen: At the time I’m writing this, the iPhone has about 70,000 more apps than the Droid, and way more than the BlackBerry. More, however, isn’t better. With the Droid, there’s an app for that too: The Droid has every app an attorney can possibly need. The iPhone App Store is packed with games for teenagers. “Unless you’re Doogie Howser JD, most of them are useless to you.” If you use Google apps in your practice, such as Gmail or Google Calendar, the Droid is the phone for you. The Google Maps app provides turn-by-turn navigation with live traffic updates for free. Try finding that on the iPhone. Google’s apps really shine on this phone. From Google Places to Google Maps to Google Voice to Google Goggles, they’re all great. Google is constantly developing world-class apps for the Android platform, and there’s no cop at the app store telling you which of them you can and can’t run.

McKeen: The iPhone is a great toy. …I’ll concede this point because I’m writing this article for lawyers, not high school students. And for the mostly all-business BlackBerry, why bother?

“However, if security is your No. 1 concern, then the Blackberry is probably the phone for you.”
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