When have all the Alpha Males gone?

Namby: let us pray
Namby: Oh Lord, we thank you for manly things such as nuclear weapons, guns, football, sports cars, steak, scotch and Denny Crane
Namby: We give you mad props for showing us that the good life is to be treasured

Namby: And that you don’t let us get pregnant

Namby: Lord, it is a blessing that we can stand, sit or lay down to use the bathroom.
Artful Blogger: Wow…this belongs on a t-shirt
Namby: Without your wisdom Lord, we would never be able to get in pissing contests
Namby: nor any of the other bloodsports that make men men
Namby: It is in your masculine name we pray
Namby: Fuckyeah
Namby: In lieu of drinking scotch in honor of his manhood, his family and friends would encourage you all to kick a small child.

The Namby Pamby, Attorney-at-Law: Man down: A gChat eulogy

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