Memphis Sport – Running on all Cylinders: Grizzlies 99, Pistons 93 and Greg Oden

” I feel like I’ve watched this game at least six times this year. Mayo hit clutch threes. Rudy Gay was everywhere. Gasol and Randolph dominated scoring inside. The bench couldn’t score”

Twitter Watch
“I think this bit is catching on… we can now welcome DaMarre Carroll into the mix, and Mike Conley seems to be sweeting with a little more regularity. Clearly they are all just looking to get mentioned here. ”

DeMarre Carroll
WOW Greg Oden thats all i got to say….then he tried to apologize.LMAO Rudy Gay
that boy greg oden is crazy This was re-tweeted by Thabeet just moments later – didn’t both of them play college ball at UConn? Wouldn’t they be used to it?

“What Lawyers Sound Like When They Talk About Greg Oden’s Dong – Greg Oden’s Penis – Deadspin”
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