Broadband Touted As ‘Civil Right’ – Tech Daily Dose – Tech Daily Dose

I’m really not on board with this. You can get high speed internet access for free if you need it. That’s what I do. Highspeed internet in your home is a personal choice. Just like cable, cell phones, hell even land lines! A “civil right”? Are you kidding me? I guess we can just cut more checks out to the “indigent.” I’ve seen the “indigent” buy Mountain Dew and candy at Target on an EBT card. The operative words here being Target, Mountain Dew, Candy and EBT. I’ve been busting my butt for every dollar I made this year, “sacrificing” services like cable and broadband as a non-essential expense. And now you’re telling me it’s a “civil right”? Get a job and learn to live within your means people. Quit financing your life on credit and learn the value of real money. I’ve learned how wasteful I’ve been about money through hard times and experience, I think we need a hard lesson in the value of money not civil rights.
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