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“While some problems are large, complicated and frightening, most problems are not the end of the world. A kind word and a little help can get you on your way.

Make solving simple issues simple. Find the best solution there is, and take away everything else. Stripping away some of the complexity and fear mongering, makes solutions friendlier and more accessible, and empowers people to make their own decisions. A little help, honesty and kindness will go a long way.” -Help Remedies (about us with some edits)

As some or most of you who actually read these posts, I’ve kinda had a lot to deal with on all sides of life, or Live-Work-Play as I like to call it. I’m working things out, and with the help of my wonderful and supportive friends, I think I’ll survive. I’ve had some setbacks and have had to “fall on my sword” and take responsibility for my mistakes, I’m getting back on track.

I made a Live-Work-Play weekly/monthly schedule, and will have the Live-Work-Play lists all updated soon as well. Eat your heart out JOYS(tm)… Just kidding everyone should also check out http://www.justorganizeyourstuff.com

I have just under 10 days to get things “done” everyone cross your fingers for me!

I found these “Help Remedies” products in a tiny side bar on pg 106 of the November 2009 ELLE. They were just too simple and appropriate to not pass on. Help Remedies: simple healthcare products for headaches, bodyaches, allergies, sleep issues, cuts and blisters


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