Poll: How Far in Advance Do You Plan Your Outfits?

Check out this website I found at corporette.com

MissAttyMa’am July 22, 2009 at 1:47 pm

I have similar system to Kay, since I’m still able to do laundry once a month, and dry cleaning weekly, I usually have enough clothing to go a whole month without truly wearing an outfit twice. I picked the more than a week option too!!

For bottom, my real decision maker is did I shave my legs or can I wear hosiery today? Pretty much seals the deal on skirt or pants or dress.

For jackets, since I go to court every morning and have to wear a jacket, once the type of bottom is picked, I just go to the next jacket in the rotation and pick out a matching bottom.

For tops, my other decision maker is my bra color rotation, yes I still wear matching sets, which makes the decision on the color top that can be worn. So then I keep all tops in color spectrum order, then monthly I pull out about 20 long sleeved and 20 short sleeved tops for the “work section” and just rotate based on current staples, new purchases, and old finds.

For accessories, again I have a “work section” of my jewelery box that I have matched up with jackets generally, and again rotate in new pieces or items that match a particular blouse or pair of shoes.

For shoes, I walk about 2 miles a day between my home, office, and courthouse, so I have 2 pairs of pumps that I regularly repair and replace and don’t really think twice about them. Tall boots in the winter.

I have a few fave outfits that I will gravitate towards when I have some important, and I have few casual outfits for days I know I have nothing important.

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