Whew, avoided my first PRSS hearing

I had a client who had a PRSS based on a new arrest as the only alleged grounds. The new arrest involved a faulty search warrant. So obviously I need to have a suppression hearing as well. And essentially any PRSS hearing would essentially then become another PC hearing, and there was already a Preliminary Hearing in General Sessions. When all could add up to 3 probable cause hearings!
Anyways, I never wanted anything set for hearing, just report, but somehow it got set for hearing. Luckily the prosecutor agreed and the public defender who had the codefendant was more than grateful that the confusion was resolved as well. Had to run through the rain… But only as far as the car, but already drenched. JSG called me a hoodrat on Monday, MC said that my curled wet hair makes me look like a pornstar… Wow what a day. Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

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