Enjoying Sunset Symphony, Memphis in May, Three Dog Night and Leinenkugul Summer Wheat…

So this is the last event for Memphis in May 2009, this is my first time enjoying (almost) all of it since moving to Memphis in 2007. Its mild but humid, but rain has stopped (for now). Three Dog Night is playing with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, only song of theirs I can really recognize is Mama told me not to come…
Got my fave Memphis people and former Memphis people with me (TA, MA, and LC) its going to be a fun night, too bad its gotta end at midnight!
Btw, if you live or visit Memphis, owning a pair of rain boots… I had to borrow some cute pink ones (bass pro shop) so I’m not yet a true Memphian. I was told to mention that T is dancing up a storm (as usual) I don’t think we need anymore pics, Paul’s got that more than covered.
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