I’m suffering from a case of 201 Poplar Exhaustion.

This has been a rough morning. I don’t think people are used to seeing me frown and frustrated around here. Since everyone has commented that I look like I’m having a bad day. I learned today that if you have a felony case in General Sessions court, your only options are to:
1. Accept a Misdemeanor offer (if offered)
2. Hope for a Nolle Prosequi of the Charges
3. Set for Preliminary Hearing (and hope they don’t find Probable Cause, because if they do, you’re staying in Custody until its brought to Grand Jury, then you wait for Indictment, and then you get to Criminal Court)
4. Waive by Information to Criminal Court for Plea and Sentencing
— You can’t enter a Guilty Plea for a Felony in General Sessions Court, they don’t have jurisdiction to sentence for felony charges. I also had the joys and heartaches of codefendant cases. One case that I was having trouble getting Diversion certified, got reset because codefendant’s counsel is in trial for a First Degree Murder case, see Henry Lee Jones represented by Jake Erwin. But another case has been continued to Friday because codefendant won’t take responsibility for his charge. Life and times of 201 Poplar…
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