Neighbors Want Violent Mother Daughter Team Stopped – WREG

Neighbors Want Violent Mother Daughter Team Stopped

January 23, 2009

Neighbors Want Violent Mother Daughter Team Stopped

Neighbors Want Violent Mother Daughter Team Stopped


  • 48 year old Mary Vaught and daughters in jail for vandalism and assault
  • Attack this week was second since October in neighborhood
  • Victim says this week’s attack could have been prevented

(Memphis 01/23/2009) 50 year old Robin Marr says she is like most of the neighbors on Calvert. She is afraid of the family who lives across the street from her.

“I’m terrified of them. I fear for my life,” said Marr.

Neighbors say police are called there regularly because 48 year old Mary Vaught, her 22 year old daughter Shirley and her other younger children are always making trouble with neighbors. Just this week they were arrested for beating a man who turned around in their driveway. They caused and nearly $4,000 worth of damage to his Acura SUV. They beat him and it with sticks, bricks and a broken metal crutch.

“The incident the other day, it wouldn’t have happened, if the system had of did what it was supposed to do,” said Marr.

Marr says the same foursome beat her just this past October. It all started when she called police after they made verbal threats, threw eggs at her home and trash over her fence. When police arrived the family didn’t back down. In fact, that’s when they beat her down.

Marr said, “These people knocked my teeth out. They broke a blood vessel in my eye. They stomped and kicked. I was forced to take an emergency vacation because I drive for a living. I couldn’t work and all they got was a hit on the hand. They were back out before I got home from the hospital the next day.”

Marr is left with mounds of medical bills. She got an order of protection against the mother and oldest daughter but she says the threats have never stopped. When she tried to have them re-arrested she was told she didn’t have enough proof.

“This is the fourth time and ya’ll tell me I don’t have enough evidence. They could have killed me in front of the police because the police did not know what they had and I think it’s time for it to stop,” said Marr.

The Shelby County District Attorney’s office says they initially told Marr she didn’t have enough evidence but later changed their minds. They said after that, Marr failed to come back down to their office to swear out a warrant against the Vaught family members who violated the order of protection.

Meanwhile, News Channel 3 has learned the Department of Human Services is investigating whether or not the minor children living in the Vaught household are in an unsafe environment.

Mary Vaught, her 22 year old daughter Shirley are incarcerated at the Shelby County Criminal Justice Center on Vandalism charges. Two of her younger daughters are being held in juvenile court one on a vandalism charge, the other on an assault charge.

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