Facebook, Google and Blackberry Contact Sync – Never lose Contacts when you lose a handset!

I recently had to replace my Blackberry handset (because I dropped it and irreparably broke the handset speaker… I could text and surf, but I couldn’t hear anyone on the phone)
Thanks to Google sync though, I avoiding the dreaded problem of manually re entering all my contacts. Blackberry handsets by default only save contacts to the handset memory and not to the SIM card, you have to manually enter each contact to the SIM. Google sync links contacts in your Gmail address book and GTalk chat list to the names in your Blackberry handset. Of course you create some double entries, but I would rather have double entries than no entries! So when I syncd my replacement handset, the majority of my contacts came through. You will still lose numbers of which you have no email address and you’ll have entries for every email address, even without a phone number. To solve the problem of these orphan numbers and addresses, now you can sync Facebook to your Blackberry contacts. Since we naturally add everyone we meet these days to Facebook, the next step is to sync that person to your Blackberry contact. At first glance, it looks like this has to be done one at a time, but I’m sure a sync all will be available soon. Between these two tools, I don’t think I’ll ever lose another contact!
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