Thanksgiving Thali!

So my first Thanksgiving in my first home, I didn’t actually own full size plates.  I only had these dessert plates that I got for a nickel each at a World Market in Fremont, CA that was closing down.  So I got creative.  I made everything in individual servings, in tin muffin cups, so that I could squeeze more onto one small plate.  It ended up looking like a traditional Gujarati Thali and made for very easy clean up in my super tiny kitchen. 


  • Three sizes of mixing bowls
  • Mixing fork and spoon
  • Tin muffin cups
  • Pot pie tins
  • 12 cup and/or 6 cup muffin pans
  • Cookie Sheet

Phase 1 – Pie! Prep time 30 mins, Cook time 1 hour 15 mins @ 350º

  • Pumpkin Pie (pumpkin pie mix – evaporated milk – eggs – pie crust – whipped cream)

Phase 2 – Veggies! Prep time 30 mins, Cook time 30 mins @ 350º

  • Green Beans Casserole (french cut green beans – cream of mushroom soup – shredded cheese – fried onions)
  • Baked Carrots (sliced carrots – mandarin oranges – apple butter)
  • Corn Cakes (cream style corn – rotel – self rising flour)

Phase 3 – Carbs! Prep time 30 mins, Cook time 15 mins @ 350º

  • Potatoes Au Gratin (box – margarine – milk)
  • Macaroni (Velveeta – margarine – milk – breadcrumbs)
  • Cranberry Streusal (whole berry cranberry sauce – cinnamon streusal topping)

Phase 4 – Protein! Prep time 30 mins, Cook time 45 mins @  350º

  • Turkey Pot Pie (rotisserie turkey breast – gravy – veg-all)
  • Stuffing (box – margarine – water)

Phase 5 (or 1) – Festive Beverage! Prep time 5 mins

  • Sparkling Hard Cider (Apple Cider – Sweet Champagne)

Elapsed time : Approximately 4 hours from start to finish

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