Trying to Diet

Email I wrote to BigSis about how I diet:
the zone worked for my cousin in cali, but he’s very athletic
I just like that they have very specific portion amounts
based on my cousin’s advice, you should need 9 “blocks” per day
the portions on the list refer to the portion required of 1 “block” = 1 portion of carb, 1 portion of protein, 1 portion of fat
read every single page on this site
especially create your own pyramid read about each group, click learn more and read EVERYTHING
I have not used the tracker or menu planner yet

what I did was create my own pyramid, it suggests how many servings in each group, then I looked at the detailed info about each group and listed out what I would eat specifically.  especially for the vegetables, it breaks it down into the subgroups, and tells you how many you need from each subgroup each week, which helps towards variety.
read the south beach diet book, it really make sense
you can get the free trial, print off all the “foods to enjoy/foods to avoid” list for each phase and then cancel
basically 2-3 weeks cleansing your system before going on the full diet
I go by the mantra “low fat, low salt, low sugar” and apply it to all my food decisions
carb=sugar, all carbs are sugar

One thought on “Trying to Diet

  1. 1) The food pyramid emphasizes grains waaay too much.
    2) The Zone prescription is based on your own chemistry – lean body mass + activity.
    3) I’ve been reading more here: – a pretty straightforward (eat and live like a primitive human) approach to overall.

    You should look at veggies fruits as your main sources of carbs, nuts for healthy fats, and protein from lean meats.


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