You know how I know you lived in the dorms in college?

Because of all the crazy Internet memes and nonsense you still remember.

Oldies but goodies, new stuff I am still picking up.

Upon why I still have no good opinion on OleMiss undergrads:  I remember once having a conversation about fun stuff on the Internet with a Georgia alum and having to Engage.Show.Provide all of it to an OleMiss alum.  Basically Georgia and I had lived in the dorms, and truly experienced the internet the way all college students should.  While OleMiss probably lived in some condo off campus from the day the got here.

So here are a few gems.

Homestar Runner

End of the World

Strong Bad’s Email

Theme Party

Property of Ones


All Your Base Are Belong to Us

Super Mario Twins


America F^ck Yeah

Mr. T Ate My Balls

Tunak Tunak Tun

MC Vikram and Ludakrishna

And just because I have a degree    

Jib Jab

Albinio Black Sheep Classics






One thought on “You know how I know you lived in the dorms in college?

  1. Wow… I don’t know how you managed to gather so many posts, but it’s quite incredible really 😛
    I was mostly amazed by Tunak Tunak Tun, I really didn’t know this and it seems soooo weird xD
    Anyhow, thanks for sharing this! 😀 *is gonna have some fun time 😛 *


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