I’m starting to meet a lot more people in my apartment building, especially now that baseball season is about to start and I have a balcony overlooking the stadium.  We had our first viewing party last Saturday for the Civil Rights Game, White Soxs v. the Mets… Southside!

But I’m terrible with names, and there are just so many faces.  I start by remembering what floor someone takes the elevator or what they carry with them on a regular basis.  I think its the same for everyone.

I think people only recognize me because of my dog.

Sometimes I have gotten past the “what floor, what items” and have actually gotten “a name to a face”… but if someone sees me without Little Penguin, they will either start at me blankly, say “oh you’re Penguin’s Mommy”, or take a moment and stutter out my name.

It’s not really a bad thing though.  People see me and Little Penguin from far away and stop and wait because they know it’s us because of her!

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