Hello World!

I’ve decided to start blogging.

Yesterday was my birthday, I decided that I am celebrating my 25th birthday.  I went to Pearl’s Oyster House and Tug’s.  Had raw oysters and boiled crawfish at Pearl’s, crawfish was a bit high class, tasted like crawfish-lobster style, but still tasty.  Had bread pudding and coffee on the house at Tug’s, was also tasty, but as in usual Tug’s fashion totally different from the last time I had it there, I had to ask for ice cream.

My parents are visiting, they borrowed my car during the day, so they had to drop me off at work.  We had also decided to take pictures for the website at work, so between Picture Day and parents dropping me off, it was very de ja vu.

I learned that the Glade Candle Scents holders are magnetic, so in between I can use them as jewelery-hairpin trays.  Those holders look great and the candles actually “fill the room with fragrance” quickly.  On my list of regular monthly supplies.

It’s snowing outside! Took pictures and video of the puppy in her first snow.

Going to Midtown tonight to see Lord T and Eloise play at the HiTone Cafe, but first dinner and drinks at Molly’s LaCasita!

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